Aetna Senior Bid Manager (Global Development) - 43143BR in London EC3, United States

Req ID: 49782BR

Key role responsibilities:· Reports to the Executive Director of Global Business Development· Manages and executes projects· Supports in the development of reporting and communications documents· Provides support on business strategy o Conducts necessary research and analysis as required for business strategyo Prepares a report for internal management meetings· Review tenders from global sources o Undertake frequent and regular reviews of global tender websites (both direct and through vendors)o Provide assurance that all relevant tenders have been considered o Ensure all opportunities are reviewed and evaluated efficiently and effectively o Analyze trends to suggest adaptations to Aetna s target segments, offering and geographies to increase addressable market · Account management oversighto Manages and supports key accounts managemento Supports development of account management plans and monitor progress · Provides support on new business and key bids/dealso Develops sales content for the Global Business Development Director. o Provides project management support on client deals. o Develops sales strategy, messages and execution plan for key bids/dealso Manages deal team during bid preparation process facilitating individual/joint team meetings and callso Leads proposal writing process liaising with solution subject matter experts and other support functionso Liaises with client and/or client advisory to facilitate communication during key bids/dealso Manages offsite/onsite plan and logistics for internal team and client· Manages central information repositoryo Manages and develop all central documentation and stock materials. o Liaises with the solutions architecture team to keep marketing materials and stock presentations up to date.· Manages sales support functiono Establishes and manages key sales support team roleso Provides review and guidance to team members o Liaises with regional business development directors to coordinate workload and workflow of key bids/deals· Manages the pipeline administrationo Leads Salesforce transitiono Liaises with the regional business development directors to establish prospects, size prospects and likelihood of closure to produce accurate projections. o Prepares a regular pipeline report for team review and management meetingso Reviews spend on each opportunity.o Provides administrative support and manages all aspects of Business Development meetingso Works with the admin team to arrange governance meetings for each opportunity.

Job Function: Management